mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-10-12 20:53:32 (UTC)

The In-laws have left the building.........

well, ii made it through my double shift. I got home a lil
after 8 am today & after a very brief period of cuddling
with lisa , i was off to sleep until about 11:30 am. I got
up, lisa was shopping, mike was already home, annd I missed
out on being able to say goodbye to lisa's mom & dad. They
are leavin in am tommorow for vegas, I really will miss
them even more than you could possibly know. The have
accepted me without any qustioning, they are really
wonderful people. My parents blame me for my divorce, they
have no desire to see me happy, no desire at all to learn
anything about Lisa or her kids, they are being absolutly
rotten about this. They are about to get 2 more wonderful
grandchildren by lisa & i gettin married, and a wonderfully
sweet & caring new daughter-in-law as well, but it is their
loss, not mine. when they see what they have done, I hope
that they will come around and seek us out, becauce i am
done tryin to make up with them .
I am now back at work, and it is once again a nuthouse
here, i swear it is goin crazy only to keep me from gettin
I cant wait to be back in your sweet loving arms......