The land of unknown
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2001-08-02 21:40:54 (UTC)


well, yesterday was nothing out of the ordinary. ordered
pizza for lunch, and watched Saving Private Ryan, at the
same time if u can imagine that. then later i went online
and had no e-mails, actually, today the only e-mails i've
had since the one Lyz sent, were test e-mails of mine. i
finally put a signiture in. it's a few lines from a
Cruxshadows song. they're a gothic/industrial band.
kick ass. and i know no one has any shit to say about
them, cuz no one knows about them. so, yea. and i
gave a better name to pop up on e-mails, instead of my
name, it's my screen name. and i was browsing my
yahoo account. anywho, yesterday i also wrote more on
my story, Shepard. the sci-fi one. i wrote like another
5-6 full pages in only three hours. i would put it on here
and say that no one would steal my work cuz it's
horrible crap so don't steal, but i know my stories are
good. and i really like this one. maybe i'll put up one of
my older stories that weren't as good and not nearly as
long. i think i have a problem though.

"see, ............ my name is Tom. i'm a student. and well, i
think i'm a chronic writer."

tell us more.

"well, i write lots of stories, u know. and well, i can't
seem to finish one and i start the next. it's just, i get so
many ideas that i don't want to forget them. u know."

we're here for u. aren't we.

"and u know what?"

yes, tell us.

"u people make me sick. i'm leaving."

guards, sieze him!

"what the fuck?!" pulls out a mini gun and blasts
everyone in the building. "FUCK U!!!!!!" runs out the door
and down the street. then turns, tears his shirt and
screems. then runs into the woods to be never seen
again. hahahahahaha