Jersey Girl
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2002-10-12 20:44:06 (UTC)

A Blast From the Past.

Well, despite my recent heart-break, i couldnt stand being
in the house anymore and not going out and being depressed,
so i decided to go my fav club in the world, since i hadnt
been there in what seemed like forever, OuterLimits. I
wasnt sure if i would have a good time or not, but i went
anyways, and boy am i glad i went! i had so much fun! And
to top things off, i ran into an ex of mine... someone i
dated about a year ago. i hadnt seen her in soooooo long!
so it was kinda weird bumping into her in the bathroom. we
got talkin, and then she pulled me out on the dance floor,
and we tore it up for a few songs, i forgot what it was
like to dance with her... simply amazing! Then we strayed
apart for a little while, and i was about to leave, i saw
her sitting down for a break by herself, so i went over to
her to say goodbye and she walked me out to my car. We got
talkin for a few minutes, probably like, 20 minutes. It was
kinda weird because she was flirting so much, but of course
i didnt mind! lol. She was full of compliments to me, which
made me feel great... and then she said something that
totally made my night absolutly complete and really made me
feel so good inside... it was quiet, and she looked in my
eyes and said "Anthoyla, you bring back so many good
memories to me." Its funny how something so little could
mean so much! but it did. When she left to go back inside,
we kissed, it was a small kiss, but non the less, a kiss.
we exchanged numbers, and im sure we'll bump into eachother
again soon. if anywhere, i hope at the club again, because
of all the ppl ive ever danced with, she is my fav... girl
can work it! lol.
So i feel alot better today, and im really lookin forward
to the No Doubt Concert that im sceduled to attend on
thrusday with my brother. we're gonna have a kick ass time!

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