oddly interesting?
2001-08-02 21:34:37 (UTC)

A tiring yet peaceful day

Well I have a lot to write. Being this is my first entry
i'm very excited. Anyway, today I got only four entries to
the Triwizard tournament I made for the palace. That kinda
makes me mad but what the heck, it's just for fun. I'm
also fond of the pool now, it's getting really hot out.
Anywho i've been writing down songs I need to download when
napster is properly up, i've been dying to hear some good
Palace life is going good, Rora came back today, now i'm
just waiting for bee. Budgie gave me a new british word!
Bugger! lol, you bugger. she also told me a site for london
slang (its really funny)
my dad got me sims livin large, its funny too because when
you make a sim there is this little girl and boy with a
wizards hat and cloak, and its so weird ^^ still isnt working. im so desperate! i
really really REALLY want to post my new fanfiction called
A diary full of dreams. its mysterious. a muggle girl
named catherine drops her diary and harry, ron, and
hermione figure out that muggles all around the world know
about them. they even learn that there is movies being
made about them.
yesterday i got a letter from my friend carrie, she got the
book artemis fowl.. ive been waiting to get that book (and
the daughters of the moon series) forever!!! i wrote her
back but she was in virginia and wrote the letter the 14
but last letter she sent said not to send the letter after
the 31, so i dont know if shes going to get it. but ill
send her a copy on e-mail anyway. gotta go! i feel like
going on the palace, bye o!