Nick's Journal
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2002-10-12 20:02:19 (UTC)


I've really been good about being nice to people. saying
nice things about them, not judging them, always assuming
the best. but once again it's coming to a grinding halt.
i really can't stand people. it's not that the majority
of them are horrible, i still hold ot the fact that we
aren't predispositioned towards good or evil.
it's just that there are so many people that are
horrible. it really doesn't have ot be a majority.
like just now i was at kroger, and there were these three
white trash rednecks, one of them looked 20 something the
other two looked like teenagers. one of the teenagers
looked like he was slightly retarded, and had theat stupid
ass laugh that white trash rednecks have. argh i hate
that laugh, it's so hateful, and those condescending
eyes.......i swear.
i guess right now i just have qualms with being nice and
assuming good in people and no atually people that i'm
pissed with. i mean this whole assumption of goodness can
really lead to chaos. i see it with the war with iraq.
it's not that we're assuming that saddam is good, it's
that we say "hey, let him fuck us up once then we'll get
him". that's such bullshit. not only are there good
economical reasons to hit him hard now, but i just think
it's good to kill him right about now.
really i think that we're living in pretty shitty times
right now, and it's not looking up anytime soon.
i'm just getting sick and tired of smiling at a world that
just sardonically stares back at me.

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