Jess's Journal
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2002-10-12 19:51:55 (UTC)

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did u notice how u like a couple of people and then u
decide u may like one of em and go for it and it turns out
that they started liking someone else..that really
sucks..cuz it's like..u wait to make sure things will go
alright because u don't want to get hurt and then..it all
goes down the tubes...sucky sucky sucky...maybe i should
just cut the crap now and get some nerves..u think.. well so
i went shopping last night..got some new candles for my
bedroom...all good...it's gonna be sweet... will go really
nice...now all i need is to get some more of them black
square pillows and maybe white red or orange..that'll
rock... i love my room to death..it's like one of those
dream ones where u get to decorate and ur parents actually
approve..yeah my walls are orange and my bed stuff is
black...and it's a queen and a serta..so yeah..awesome.. i
wanna talk to someone but as usual they aren't on..i know i
haven't written a lot in here in awhile so i am now. i've
got the time..so yeah..going back shoppin tomorrow..i'm like
addicted and the new kohl's is way convienient..however you
spell it...oh yeah i also got my pumpkin..now all i gotta do
is carve it..i can do that next week. cuz the weekend after
that i'm going to tennessee..yay a vacation... i need the
relaxation..and then in april..i'm going to georgia..gotta
get all my travel time in and relaxation cuz school is
really a bummer...why all the tests quizzes speeches and
memorizations???? can't you give a girl a break i mean come
on!!! and on the guy issue..let's not go there... it's like
one of them things were some of them are complete
sweethearts while others..can just drop dead ya know..and i
don't normally hate people and if i do..i don't tell them
but a certain few deserve to hear it... it's also one of
them things were i want a guy..you know..to have that whole
thing..but some people just push it and make me glad that i
don't have one...at least not right now... i dunno if he'd
be able to take me going on vacation so much..maybe he could
i dunno..just gotta find someone perfect..got any ideas?
lol...no... well i gotta really go now..jimmy if ur reading
this..hit me up with a response..cuz we don't get to talk
and i wanna hear from you...i know trish won't cuz she's
gone for the weekend..kat...don't critisize me..anyone
else...sure u can respond...