2002-10-12 19:44:16 (UTC)


It's been a hot minute since I've hit this thing up. I'm
doing good. Atlanta is getting better. I don't have a
specific reason for hitting this thing up......just typing
whatever comes to mind. Ya know! Last nite was pretty
eventful for me. I went to a Talent show, a basketball
thingy, and I got a chance to hang over two dudes houses.
Niggas try to talk to me and everything, but I be trying to
down play myself because most of the time I don't feel like
being bothered. And I don't see a reason in getting jazzy
to impress these simple niggas. Well despite my efforts to
always be background......niggas still be noticing me and
they find my quietness intriguing(excuse spelling). I just
think that's a trip how they notice how I always be peeping
out the scene. I don't even have to try to get them to
notice me. I look at all those other females who dress up
everyday and try to be at the right places....me on the
other hand.....jeans and tshirt everyday and I don't see
the point in trying to be around a bunch of people that you
have to kiss their behind, so they will notice you. No
point, right? I remember the days when I use to try to
impress. Now, I'm just me. It's cool to have material
goods, don't get me wrong.....but if you are real, then the
personality will be what gets you. Not sure if that made
sense....oh well! Anyway, there is this dude who find
really cool. Due to the fact that I can't pronounce his
real name, I call him Mu. He's from up north. He's a
sophomore at Morehouse. He has an adorable look to him.
He's cool people. He came and scooped me and a few other
females that I was hanging with last nite. We went to some
dude's house in Buckhead. It was nice looking dudes
there...all Morehouse men! But anyway, they were drinking
and acting a fool. I didn't drink though. Sometimes that
stuff doesn't appeal to me....the whole drinking thing. Mu
was doing his thing. We got bored and started playing Truth
or Dare. I did all truths by the way. Them niggas were
asking too much. We got Mu to get butt naked and walk
outside though. The whole nite was filled with sex talk. I
just went to sleep because I don't know them niggas like
that to be talking about sex. Something I found cute was
this dude, who was very attractive, came and sat w/ me in
the recliner, which is made for one person....but he sat w/
me anyway. Well, Mu walked into the room and just
looked....the look on his face was soooo cute. It kinda
look like he maybe was a lil upset. He told dude to get up
so he could sit there. I just thought that was really cute.
Also, when we were playing the lil game......when someone
on the girls team had to do something to a nigga of their
choice, he told the girl he was out of picks because he was
chillin' w/ me. I thought that was cool. He has some cool
points by his name. He's cool, but I can tell that he's a
bullshit type of nigga. He will stay a friend w/ me. Just
someone I can chill with and have a good laugh
with....nothing more! Anyways, why is it when you think
someone is growing up and changing....in reality, they're
not. Man.....sometimes I be thinking that Leroy is becoming
a better person.....just a real man....no bullshit
attached. BUT he always messes that up. I don't have time
for it anymore. WHATEVER! JONATHAN, I'm going to prove to
you that I can cut the strings....let it go. I'll talk to
you later baby......1 *J*