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2001-08-02 20:46:17 (UTC)

Rolling naked in the periwinkle...

So it happens-- I go out to spend time with my friends, I
have a few (too many) drinks, get frisky, and
thing I know I'm dancing in the Green Fields with the
Bourbon Faerie... as if that wasn't bad enough, NewLilMiss
and her friend Crusadah decide that of all the bars in the
City, they had to come to this one.

I tried to avoid making eye contact with them, but as soon
as I turned around to see if they were still there, both of
them were waving to me and headed to our section of the
bar. Once I was trapped there, I was cordial to NewLilMiss,
but began trying to get Half-Cut in between us to distract
her. He was more than willing to oblige, but I'm not sure
she wanted any part of him last night. Crusadah had the
just the look I had on my mind-- that cheap, easy trollop
thing that goes so well with a drunk sex freak like me! We
stayed there for a few more hours and then went back to
Half-Cut's place to watch a movie... predictably,
NewLilMiss dissappeared into Half-Cut's room within 20
minutes with him nipping at her heels and dropping clothes
in the hallway. **This is why I should never be drunk, in
the dark, watching soft-core porn on HBO, and alone with a
young lady that looks like her pimp just dropped her off!**
There's no way we made it more than 1/2 hour after Half-Cut
& NewLilMiss hit the sack--- unfortunately, since I live 25
minutes away, we didn't have time to make it back to my
place. Everything was all in fun until she started taking
off a little too much clothing. I was under the impression
that we were just going to hook up (maybe get a hummer) and
leave it at that. Normally, if I'm not in the mood to hae
sex, I won't.. it's usually as simple as that. Being as
drunk as we were, I can say with relative certainty that
our inhibitions dropped faster than her undies. It was
still kinda cool at this point-- regardless of anything, I
LOVE the sight, the feel, and the shape of a naked, nubile
young female... I laid down on my back and pulled her to me
so that we could spread out a little more, and we kissed
and groped for a short time.. when she pulled back and went
down on me, I was about to fall completely asleep (it was
almost 2:30AM at this point and I had to be at work this
morning by 7:00). next thing I know, she has me in her
mouth, pivots, and gingerly placed a thigh on each side of
my head. I really wasn't expecting it, wasn't thinking
straight, so almost instictively I started licking. It
didn't take long for her to get dripping wet and she turned
over, climbed on top of my hips and just slipped me inside
of her. It was the strangest thing-- like she was climbing
on a motorcycle-- it wasn't the most graceful thing I've
ever seen, but it was cool to watch nonetheless. The sex
was good (not great mind you), but when it gt a little too
heated, we made our biggest mistake. Not planning on
getting on last night, I kept no condoms on me-- Half-Cut
keeps his in his bedroom, but he and NemLilMiss were not
about to get out of bed to let me in. I asked Crusadah if
she had any or was on the pill-- she didn't say anything
for a few seconds so the second time I asked her she just
kissed me and told me, "Don't worry." I took that to mean
that she was on the pill, or Norplant, or Depo-Provera or
something. At that point, I wasn't in any kind of state to
make a decision, but I decided to just let it go-- so when
I felt her tense up, I came with her-- and inside her...
and now I may be fucked.

Talking to her afterwards, she said that she didn't want to
stop, so she ignored the birth control issue-- but she's on
nothing... She's also only about 8-10 days prior to
beginning her period, so on a 28-day cycle we are in prime
baby-making territory! She ALSO now thinks we're dating--
wants to cook me dinner this weekend...

I will ONLY play this game until I find out for sure if she
is pregnant or not... no, I'm not using the "kinda-sorta
but not really" reliable home test... I'm dragging her ass
to the medical center and having the doctor make sure. If
there's no baby-- golden, I'm out. If there is, my
responsiblity level skyrockets and my life is changed
forever-- all for a cheap fuck of a girl whose last name I
still don't know.

Should kept dancing with the Bourbon Faerie....
Thoughts? Ideas? Someone else wanna put a curse on me?

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