It smells like poop over here
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2002-10-12 17:50:52 (UTC)

you called me up last night in tears,

said you've missed me after all these years." RBF "where
have you been?" it's not ska at all but i like it cause
it's RBF, plus it's just a good song.
i hung out with mike n last night, i've known him
since i was in preschool, he always had the coolest GI
Joes. we sat a bill T's for like 2.5 hours watching the
sopranos, great show. who else was there, rich (of course,
im not friends with any of these kids) john saw, chad g,
steve c, ryan k showed up a lil later. went and chilled
with dave, kate, laura, emily and ayesha after that. we
made bobolia at my house. least i got to hang out with them
for a lil while. fucking a, i wanna be pissed off again. i
do nothing but spill my guts and feel more angry, yet
relieved. now im just, eh. fuck that.