I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-12 17:26:15 (UTC)

Ants in a Sugar Box

Drowsy and annoyed by the fruits of life
There's not enough smoke to please my charred lungs
Abandoned and mislead by temptations come and gone
Wishing I was floating on the surface with the bugs
Sleep brings nothing but dreams that lead to suicide
Not because of nightmares rather the fact Im still alive
Doors that open and shut on fingers deep inside the brain
Watching never knowing leads to memories inside the drain
Caught on rugs like hair refusing to let go
Of a world made of white walls with dirt that builds so slow
Fighting for something obsolete and neverchanging
Hope accumulates like lies inside a cabinet
Tucked away until discovered along with truth
And then dissipates like the hope we once had
Realization that someday never comes but is disregarded
with the trash
And we settle into the routine that follows until death
Much like ants in a sugar box