The Chronicles of My Life
2002-10-12 16:46:44 (UTC)

Last night was so awesome! The..

Last night was so awesome! The Wild walked all over
Boston. It was great. JIm Dowd had a sweet short handed
goal. It was so fun. My sister even liked it. The pre-
game show they had was unbelievable. They had huge
projectors or something flipping huge pictures of the
players down onto the ice and stuff. It was great. I
loved high scoring games. All 5 of our goals were by
different people though. I wish somebody would have gotten
a hat trick. Its so funny seeing those guys with the wheel-
o- barrels running out onto the ice to pick up all the hats.
On to other subjects. it's amazing how many times I've
listnened to that Bon Jovi song in the last week thinking
about that dance. i really hope she'll dance with me
again. Yeah. Digressing again, I have to go to my step-
cousin's wedding today. Yay. I don't really want to go.
The Twins were pretty pathetic last night. They have to
win 3 out of the next four games to go to the World
Series. That's not going to happen. THey're a Minnesotan
team. It's like a law that they can't win a chamionship.
Just look at the Vikings the last 4 years. Not much else.
Until later