My Life!!!
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2002-10-12 16:41:57 (UTC)

just thinken bout something!

i was talken to mah cuz'n yesterday!... she was like so
your gurl lives by LA. i was like yea! den she was like
how are you 2 going to stay together like that... i was
like i can trust her and she can trust me! but i thought
about it tha whole night...and now i'm thinken i hope we
can keep this relationship going FOREVER! cuz i really love
her! well that's bout it!..heheeeZ.. o yea.. dayum Yo we
lost our football game pretty bad! it was HOME game
too!..lols! uhm tha score was 0-19... isn't that whack!
well iight then... CYA laters!


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