2002-10-12 13:53:05 (UTC)

1...2...3 Im Back!

Oh that other diary site just sucked. I missed you! But
anyways, Friday was ok, I mean Meghan and Jill and I went
to the mall. We saw like Frankie,Anothony, and Alex ( some
really hott guys)But Matt wasn't there :(!! We were said to
be "loitering" when all we were doing was waiting for my
friend to come out of a was really stupid...and
I got this cute shirt, but mom disapproved, so now i haffta
return it for store credit. Oh well, yesterday sucked, now
looking over it. This morning Mutti made me some really
good pancakes and I love them! Hehe! I think Kelly is
coming over because her parents are going to New Orlens.
Kelly is my cousin, the best cousin ever, she is my idol,
and I love her a lot and would do anything for her.