brannie's life
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2002-10-12 11:29:54 (UTC)

isn't love a bitch?

so i finally swallow my pride, and admit to someone how i
felt about them. granted it wasn't as black and white as
that, it took a bit of persuading from them, and a bit of
conning on my part to get out of them how they felt. yeah,
so i'm chicken. i don't like admitting i like someone if i
know there's no chance in hell they're gonna like me back.
it's called being safe. so anyhow, through our
conversation i sort of admitted to the fact i liked him,
and vice versa.

i actually could see myself wanting a future with this
guy. i mean i want kids with him, i love just sitting
there talking with him. he makes me laugh with the
stupidest stories about when he was a teenager, which
makes me barely born. well not really, but he's an old man
compared to me, and i take great pleasure in calling him
that when i can. *sigh* but i don't know if anything is
ever going to happen with us. i want it to really badly,
and i have for the longest time. most of the summer, we
stopped talking because i just had to deal with how i felt
about him myself, and not let it interfere with our
friendship. well, i guess time will only tell, and i'm
going to get some answers outta him on tuesday. i don't
want to be stuck wondering what if and try to hold onto
something that won't be going anywhere.. *sigh* why do i
do this to myself