The many thoughts of Ann
2001-08-02 19:52:52 (UTC)


well i told robb that i got yahoo messanger just for him
and that if he didn;t have it he better get it lol so he
did!!!! cool eh? so i haven't talked to him on it yet but i
cant wait till i do. its soooo much easier than email. i
gave him my screen name and he should be adding me whenever
he has time. the thing is that he doesn't go on the
computer alot and he says he has been on alot in the last
2 or 3 weeks than he has ever been but he said he would try
and email me every day!!! :) that makes me happy anyway.
it'll be cool if i do go to utah snowbird and get to see
the guys!!! anywho
luv ya!