Life....what an endless struggle
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2002-10-12 07:28:34 (UTC)

Happiness....what a disgusting concept....

Right now I like how my life is going....I have quite
possibly the best friend in the world (in more than one
way) (Amanda)....yet theres a part of me that just wants to
abandon my life. To get away and restart life...It makes
me happy thinking of what I want to do later in life, a
professional photographer. O how I love photography, a way
like no other to express how you feel, what you see, how
you think. I hate how the drama that goes on in life makes
you think that if you dont have something you have to be
sad...why..Oh well....This all sounds very confusing huh?
Dont worry, didnt make much sense to me just
kinda zoned out of everything.

I wish I had a plane....

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