down in my eyes
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2002-10-12 06:11:01 (UTC)

I'm having trouble tryen to sleep... counten sheep, i'm runnen out.

I had trouble sleeping last night,.. 'n it backfired.
I nearly slept most of the day away, taday. The only
reason i got up, was cuz i had to get ready 'n leave
for work.

I'm listening to Green Day right now. I feel like i
don't have anything to do, yet... I have a huge paper
to write. Tho since i KNOW i'm a procrastinator, i'm
tryen to get myself to do alittle everyday, instead of
being overloaded the night before it's due-- like wut i
usually do. I'm looking at Billie Joe's picture, on
the back of my cd, right now. He's accually a Huuge

Anyway, time to go back, 'n TRY finishing up my paper.

Oh ya, i FINALLY saw Monsters Inc, last night.
Yay. It's too cuute.

Okay, but, i Repeat. NOW it's time to Try working on my paper-