2001-08-02 19:27:55 (UTC)

My Life's Goal

In the constant search of the meaning of life, we cannot
merely find an obvious set of instructions. There is no
truth carved in stone. All we can do is live out the fate
set before us. We begin life, then we loose our live to
fate. What happens throughout life ultimately leads to the
end. After death, that’s it, it’s over. Such a short time
we have in-between those given truths. Perhaps we are
given this short time to take advantage of what life has to
offer. Live it to its fullest extent.

It seems the accepted way to live your life is through a
structured set of guidelines, set by society. Of course we
are given a choice on how much we want to take advantage
of, and to what extent we want. For example, a man working
at a fast food restaurant compared to a man working as the
president of a high tech empire. This structure says that
we have to have a job. Whether we labor for the fruits
someone else’s wealth, or we build our wealth off of some
ones labor. This structure also says that we must get
married and have children. Some people have a happy
marriage with perfect children, some become single parents,
and some feed crack to their children. To some extent
everybody conforms to these structured rules.

Would life be more enjoyable if we would just live life how
we want it. Going with our feelings, rather than a
structure that claims to provide happiness. Our primal
feeling is to be happy, because it feels good. Why do we
go against our nature given instinct, put ourselves through
hell to go against a greater good? How can unhappiness
ever produce happiness? We work hard our entire lives to
achieve happiness at the end, if we make it that long.
What about those people that die before they reach the end
of their career, and never experience the happiness of
retirement? They spend their lives giving unhappiness to
never get to achieve happiness. Besides, how much can you
enjoy life after you turn 65?

We never know how life is going end. We may die of heart
problems, or get shot in the back of the head by our
spouse. In addition we never know when life is going to
end. It could happen before we leave the womb, or we may
die at 28. Who really knows?

Can we just drop logic for a moment? No lets not. How is
it logical to say that if we follow society’s set of
structured rules we will be happy? Is everybody that lives
by these rules happy statistically? If there isn’t a high
percentage of people that try to meet these rules end up
happy, then how is it logical? I don’t want to go
throughout life working hard for the end result of
retirement, then sit there wondering why I spent all of
those precious years working hard instead of living life.
Ask anybody that is older and they will tell you how
they’ve wasted their years, not truly happy. Should we be
examining the experiences of people toward the end of their
lives, or mindlessly going by society’s set rules? How
about some one on their deathbed, what do you think they
would say? Work hard then die? I don’t think so. They
would say, live your life to it’s fullest, because you
don’t know when it is going to end.

I intend to life my life to the fullest. I intend to gain
the knowledge of life that everyone spends his or her
entire lives trying to figure out. It seems know one has
figured out life yet, so what would I hope to gain by being
like everybody else?