Daily Rants
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2002-10-12 05:14:11 (UTC)


So I'm finally away from Kalamazoo, at least for a
weekend. Nothing against any of my lovely K people, just
sometimes you need to get away (cue obnoxious song from
commercial about 3 years ago... "I've got to.... get away")

Anyways, I'm visitng Mike, which is a nice change, since I
now have a car on campus this year. Still can't get over
how big EMU is... their gym is bigger than K, I think. :-P

Oh, and just so you guys all know what kind of gamer I'mn
dating - he's currently playing starcraft... girlfriend
comes to visit and he's conquering alien races... (in his
defence I was distracted by orgo...) But still. Something
I get to tease him about. :)

So we're off be all fancy like tomorrow to see a show in
detroit, in dressy clothes! (Yes, I can be girly