HuMaN NatUre
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2002-10-12 04:49:58 (UTC)

Last Phrase Of Secondary Life

I am on the verge of failure in life.. Lets say its one of
the experence that i would cherish.. Right now I have to
fix my life itself... First I gonna study right.. stop
playing a fool.. Well not really a fool.. but I guess that
I have not really push myself.. And thats what I am gonna
do... Thanks to the support from failure itself.. I juz had
a talk with my principal.. My discman was conficated well,
now at least I know that my dics man is in safe hands... I
got a few advise too.. i JUST need to endure a bit more...
I mean real endure.. I know I have the cabpablities to do
that... its all up to me i guess...

This i guess goes the same to the gal that i mension in the
ealier entry... She too face this little e4xperience...
maybe thats why we drop into each other life... I kinda
happy that I get to know such nice person.. somebody like
nurul i guess.. thay do have a little diffence though...
Tini is a natural... Hahah.. Well i do not know so mush abt
Tini but the way i see it she too likes me.. I wonder what
she thinks of me.. I wonder what everybody thinks of me.. i
juz weish that i can read minds,.... man that would be
great rite...... haha.. just like some people call me...