Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-10-12 04:47:00 (UTC)

Sigh of relief

yeah, so last night Matt asked me out. I was pretty happy.
Ok..i was like hella happy. He makes me smile. But tonight
he was supposed to like see this girl that he likes, but
she moved to tennesee and he hadnt seen her in three months
so it didnt really bother me, but it kinda did. But i feel
bad because he didn't get to see her because he couldnt get
a hold of her. So, we talked fer a little bit and we're
each going to our own homecomings tomorrow night. I cant
wait. so, he's supposed to come up and see me sometime on
Sunday at work. Yeah, so I dont know. I feel so bad fer
Jenn, she's not too wealthy and like, she has no way to by
a dress fer the dance, so like she tried on Erica's dresses
and they didn't fit and she's too scared to wear the one
that she wore freshman year because she thinks that someone
will say something to her, but i dont think thye will. So,
i dont really know. I'm so hella tired and i'm about to
fall asleep so i'll write more probably sunday because i
probably wont have time tomorrow.


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