Tree Huggers
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2002-10-12 03:46:05 (UTC)

People Today

Somedays i just don't know what to do! There is so much
shit going down in the world that it makes my head spin.
It's discusting how everybody takes things for granted.
I'm saying this in light of Thanksgiving. I think that
people don't even know that they are doing things wrong.
That they are taking what they don't even need. Buying
things that they desire, when what they already have could
sustain them for years!
Why do we go out and buy buy buy? Why can't we all just
buy what we need and get on with our lives? Why does the
epitomy of what we all do revolve around consumption? I'm
just as guilty as the next person, yet i'm aware. Because
i am aware, i try to cut down. I try to save what i can
and i try to make a difference. A lot of the problems
going on in the world today, government, environment,
social, ect. root to consumption. Countries are fighting
over natural resources and this fight just hurts the
environment even more with war. It doesn't only hurt the
land but the people as well. People demand wooden pine
furniture so the economy provied it, cutting down trees
that have been sustained for 200 years, leaving tonnes of
speices of animals homeless, all for a couple of chairs
that may or may not be used. One way or another, they'll
end up in a cellar somewhere or in the trash can. Just a

I was thinking about how all of us humans think that we
are the centre of what happens on this earth and
everything bows down to us just because we're at the top
of the food chain. We have the brains to develop guns and
devices that could help defend ourselves. Though have you
ever thought where you would be if you didn't have a gun
and we were facing an 8-foot grizzely bear in the wild?
We arn't what we all think that we are. That bear is
fsater, stronger and it doens't have a problem eating us.
I'm not saying that we shouldn't us our brains as our
defense, beacuse that's what it's there for, but we
shouldn't alienate ourselves from nature either.

People are so oriented around themselves and what they can
take from the earth not even to think about what they
could give back to it. We're suppose to work in a cycle,
to help sustain earth, not kill it. Thats what we're
doing right now and nobody seems to care. Wait...there
are people who do care, but not enough to take action by
simply using a mug instead of buying cups for thier coffee
every single time. they won't even take the time to carry
a piece of garbage to a trash can, and instead they throw
it on the ground...hardly knowing the effects that it
could do to the organisms living in that dirt. It's not
helping it...

i have so much to say that i can't even talk properly AHH!

wow, i've had an interesting day.
theo and i watched the rest of american beauty and had our
special times was great....hahahaha, i laughed
so loud...BRAIL! mouahahah
anyway, enough with my rants i have to go to bed for the
cottage tommorrow.

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