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2002-10-12 03:26:30 (UTC)

Friday Night

No school today. Steph and Tara came over last night
around 9:00 and stayed til about 11. I said they could just
stay the night if they wanted, even though I promised Daddy
that I would go to breakfast with him in the morning. They
said that they would but they ended up not, AND went out
and had fun for the rest of the night WITHOUT me. AAAAAND
today proceeded to rub it in my face that they had such a
good time. Whatever... Well... this morning I woke up, or
should I say this AFTERNOON, and I asked Daddy why he
didn't wake me up for breakfast like he promised. To which
he replied "I dont know..." SOOOOO... we didn't go to
breakfast. I was seriously looking forward to it. I don't
exactly know why, but I was. Went to the Fall Fest around
4:30. It wasn't any fun. We met some random guy that
Stephanie rode for a while... but that was about all that
happened. I want to go back because Kelli is there, but I
have no one to take me. SOOOOOOOOO I'm so damn bored... I
talked to Ky a little today. But he's too busy for me now,
which is pretty much makin me feel like shit. OH and I'm
raggin which doesn't make me feel any better. I started on
Thursday, in khakies. Wonderful huh? No it wasnt that
bad... it was light so I just solved the problem (and
noticed the problem) when i got to Tara's. So... blah
blah. Supposidly Marcus said that I have been "stalking"
him. He's such a conceited loser. He WISHES i WOULD stalk
him! That does kinda suck though. I kinda liked him. I
talked to Rachel Kohlmer today and she's like "Don't stop
talking to Marcus just because of what I told you" and I'm
thinkin... hmmm... so are you saying you LIED to me and
decided that wasn't so smart and are trying to fix it???
Yea... that's what I'm thinkin. SO Monday mornin, I'm just
gonna talk to him. And if he denies it, then I'll just ask
him straight up if he wants to "talk" and maybe go out
sometime or what. Cuz I'm done with playin these little
kid "maybe he likes me, maybe he doesn't" games. I don't
care anymore. I can't wait to go to Fall Fest tomorrow
night with Kelli. Well... I'm gonna go work on my profile.
LataDayze! Until tomorrow...

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