Diary of the Weird
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2002-10-12 03:23:05 (UTC)

It Gets Worse Everyday

Tommorow at 4 I'm supposed to go and spend time with
my grandma, which normally I wouldn't mind, except the
subject of the divorce is inevidble. On top of it, two
friends I thought I was really close to are giving me the
cold shoulder and don't want to talk to me. My mom won't
stopping to my dad on the phone, saying that it is the only
way to speed the divorce along, even though all that ends
up happening is her breaking into tears and talking to him
about things that aren't divorce related. When she talks to
anyone else about it, she acts like she was a hero and
finally got the courage to leave him, when in actuallity
she'd probably would have stayed with him and end up dead.
She wants people to think she is so strong, yet every night
she runs to the phone to talk to the bastard.