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2002-10-12 02:26:52 (UTC)

Rather a wierd day.

Some rather strange/interesting things happened today.

The public access catalog computer locked up. So, I
restarted it. But when I did, the monitor started freaking
out on me. It looked like static T.V. So, after checking
all the cords in back, I restarted it again, and that time,
it didn't even come on. I never saw that before on a

Now on to the annoying security guard. He went up to a guy
on the computer and told him to take his earphones off;
that it wasn't allowed in the library. Then he came up to
me and said that it was about time to kick him off. I
checked with my boss, and she said it was fine. I wish he'd
just go away. He really isn't helping or protecting anyone.