The Story of Me
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2001-08-02 16:25:12 (UTC)

Good Morning

I just woke up so there isn't much to tell right now. My
mom made me a doctors appointment for next Thursday at
3:00. Which is good I guess. I'm starting to have second
thoughts about this. Oh well, I guess I'll worry about that
when the time comes.

My neighbors are moving tomorrow. Going to Pittsburg. It's
pretty sad, we've lived next door to the same people for
like 12 years, and now there is going to be someone new in
their house. So they are coming over for dinner tonight...a
nice gesture I suppose. It's hard to make conversation.
I've outgrown the childish conversations that my brothers
have with them, but I can't make the "adult" conversations
that my mom and her boyfriend have with them. I'm just a
bit stuck in the middle. So as long as we don't talk about
money, jobs, or should be good. And it would be
even better if mom didn't bring up my upcoming doctor's
appointment with anyone else. I don't need my entire family
to know about this, especially the way my family is.

Well, that's all for now. I might write later. until then,
have a great day :)

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