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2002-10-12 00:05:06 (UTC)

this week

my fucking father is still ebing an ass hole. i had blood
work done w/ me b/c the doctors couldn't figure out what
was wrong with me so they thought that i might be diabetic
and have a liver problem, so the whole week that i was
waiting for the results, all my dad could call and ask for
was his charger, for the cell phone. when i was fed up w/
it, i called his job and cused him out saying how fucked up
he was and that instead of a charger he needs to start
worring about his daughters health. furthermore, he could
buy a new chareger and i don't have the $$$ to do so, and i
need it a little more than he does b/c i can't call long
distance from my dorm. well, i'll fix his ass b/c i am
going to go to conn. to visit Robbie, and then i am going
to mass, in jan. to visit nigigna. fuck him and all the
rest of them. i don't need all of his unnessiary bull
something could have been seriously wrong and he wouldn't
have cared

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