Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-08-02 15:54:54 (UTC)

S.H.I.T. (so happy it's thursday!)

Hooray, the week's almost over. It went by pretty
fast, thank god. Gini should be back from her UC Davis
visit today. I'm going to try to call her and see if she
wants to hang out (but I'm sure she already has plans with
Sunday was really nice, Ryan's mom took us out to
dinner. We were supposed to go to Anderson's Split Pea (or
Pea Soup Anderson's, as Ryan calls it), but when we got
there, we discovered that they had turned it into a TGI
Friday's. That just sucks. For all of you out there who
don't know about Anderson's, it was a hotel/restaurant with
a gigantic windmill and a sort of Nordic feel to it. It was
homey and nice and I liked the split pea soup (that's
definitely my favorite soup, I'm not really a soup person
normally, but I absolutely love split pea soup). Anyways,
I'm pissed that it's a stupid chain restaurant now. It's
more than a half an hour away, and Ryan's mom was soooo
looking forward to it. We ended up going across the street
to Islands, which is really good, but it's no Anderson's :(
I don'r really like burgers (I'm practically a vegetarian),
and that's basically all they have there. But they do have
salads, which are my favorite.
Nothing has really happened this week so far (and it's
almost over). I guess I'm just waiting for the weekend.
That's all for now, bye!