No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-08-02 15:46:25 (UTC)

Sorry and I cant beleive it!

sorry: well, lets start this way...sorry to alisha
for writing about her in my diary. alirght, no sorry to
anyone i have been mean to i have had some hard times but
it was no excuse to get all up on you. ok, moving on!

I cant beleive it: my dad and LeeAnn are getting married
and moving to Pennsylvania together! of course he never
told me, leeAnn's son told me last night.
*my first reaction was shock. i couldnt beleive he didnt
tell me and i had to find out from an 11 year old!!
*next came the crying. this only lasted for 3 minutes
for fear of waking my mother up and her getting uset.
*third- responsibility and lying. i can t tell my mom
any of this is going on for fear she will hurt herself!!
what is wrong with my life?

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