Nephanie's Life
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2002-10-11 21:40:54 (UTC)


OHHHH! Today in school we had a lock down! We had to stay
in math while drug dogs searched lockers...So during math
we palyed heads up 7 up (lol)...then manda and i were
sitting on the floor in the back and then all of a sudden
our teacher came over and we started to play duck duck
goose...and if you lost like got caught you got put in the
closet...So that was great b/c i got to miss english which
i had an essay due..and spanish which i had a test in...woo
hoo!..thanks to all the druggies in our school...OHHH! My
eye surgery is monday...K just a lil scared...but...i'll
live...sooo...PEACE OUT! ONE LOVE! (hehe)