Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-10-11 21:11:53 (UTC)

tru colorz

iight today is friday. i didnt go to school today cuz i had
pink eye. but guess wut. now my eyez are white. yay. so i
get to go out tonite. hmm. iight yesterday jason told me
dat him and devin were goin' out now. and it pissed me off.
devin told me she didnt like him and dey were just friendz.
k so i planned on callin' her and bitchin' her out. sumhow
jason found out i wanted to call her. he got mad and called
me. dis is wut he said "u fuckin' whore. dont call devin or
i'll find sumone to beat the piss outta u, u bitch" click.
iight i whuz soo pissed. i called devin newayz. i bitched
her out 'bout jason and 'bout hittin' on mark, my gurl
jennz boy. and i dissin' on her like craaazy. and she just
took it. she never said one disprespectful or mean thing to
me. ha. she dont got shit on me. it whuz too funny. well
todya at school jenn whuz completely bitchin' jason out for
me like da whole day. shez da best. and everythin' and den
at like 12:30 he called me from school and apologized. hmm.
keep listenin'...den he callz me after school and his
attitude had totally changed. now he whuz like "why did u
call devi" ya kno same ol' shit den he whuz like u kno
wut "ur the stupidest fuckin whore in raytown" click. god
wut is wrong wit him. i just dunno. how could i have even
gone out wit such an asswhole. grr he makez me mad. i
dunno. all i really kno right now is dat jenn is da best
and i luv her for it. not in a lesbian way. and she really
had my back thru all dis and erin too. life can be so
confusin' and im glad i got my gurlz lookin' out for me. in
da end my opinion on jason is dat i cant believe how wrong
i had him. i dunno but dis week he has really shown me his
tru colorz. and i dont like dem.