Day to Day
2001-08-02 14:53:20 (UTC)

He's Back . . . Kinda

well, yesterday was interesting. I got an email from Jeff,
he said that I'm acting crazy and need to chill, though to
me I seem really chill at this point in time, but whatever.
After that emotional rollercoaster email, me and Kristina
met my dad at the mall and I got new clothes, : ), I love
Then me and Kristina headed over to Mike's because there
was a kegger. So many fucking Walnut people showed up it
was insane. I was like this is my escape from you, why are
you here?!! But it wasn't that bad I guess. Then I ran into
Skinny, Craig, and Forrest. They came with Jeff, and of
course we had our little fight but I don't really think
either of us cared at that point. Craig confronted me about
all that shit that happened. I honestly don't think he took
nething I said seriously because he was fucked up, but
whatever. Skinny gave me his number and said to call him,
he is about to get his own place, but if I called him it
would probably just be a joke to all of them. Whatever.
But overall last night was nice. Mike D. hooked me up with
a free $20 sack and 2 FREE lines of coke. It was nice. I
was so high nothing really could have bothered me I guess.
I hope Mike doesn't like me because I really do not need
Hannah on my back. But whatever, I am about to go quit my
job, peace!

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