Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-08-02 14:44:26 (UTC)

Home again Home again Jiggidy jog

Hey People!!

Whats up?? I am not sure if I told u but Now i have a
boyfriend and i really do like him. No its not brent.. he
was my LAST obsession.. his name is Jake and he is soooo
nice!!!! We offically started goin out on his B-day!!!!
Which was cool. He is a twin so that makes it even more
cool. There was a whole long story behinde all this but i
figured that would take way.... to long!!!! Pretty soon is
MY b-day and i can't wait!!!! Its Aug. 11th and will turn
14 and today is aug. 2. On Aug. 9 our family is taken the
boat across lake mighigan and headed to minnesota in a
hotel and then to the mall of america and the to a family
reunion. This should be fun!!! Well i g2g now!! ttyl