No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-11 20:29:52 (UTC)

wha scares me?

Things are going so much better today. Sure, I had one
little confusion thing, but that's fine now. Everything
isn't gret...but fine is better than bad.
I'm going to Brandon to find a Homecoming Dress I need to find a date.
What scares me? I have to write an essay and I really don't
know. Rollercoasters, spiders, snakes, death, dark, ghosts,
it doesn't really scare me. So what else? Lonliness? Yeah,
that can be scary...but somehow I just don't think I'll be
alone for the rest of my life. Somehow there is some
assurance that I'll marry someone and be incredibly happy.
In relationships I fear rejection...but not that much. I
know I'll move on. I don't like the thought of ever
becoming so attached to someone that I can't let go...but
lately that hasn't bothered me at all. The only thing to
fear is fear itself...but how on earth am I suppose to put
that into an essay? I'll figure it out....
I totally screwed up PT formation...I'll do it next week.
Oh well.
I have to go cuz my little sister is a butt munch.