ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2002-10-11 20:09:32 (UTC)


geez. . some ppl. . went to the faculty concert last
night. barret was very hot (as usual). tell me if this is
strange. . from what i hear around campus there are a lot
of girls who think the junior music history teacher
(steve) is really hot. i mean, he's not that terrible to
look at (i would prefer barret) and plus. . HE'S A TEACHER
HERE. i don't care if he's the youngest teacher in the
music department, having a crush on a teacher is a BIG no-
no. god, now i'm seeing steve all over campus. itz kind of
scary cuz he is good looking. . the problem is that he's
about 10 years older than all of us here on campus. back
to barret, who just happens to be just a little bit closer
to my age. he's not around leah much anymore. except for
at the student recital this afternoon. but his brother was
with him. whatever. our internet convos are interesting:

me: wow, you're ugly
barret: well i think you're very pretty
barret: but if you think i'm ugly that's alright
me: i was just kidding
me: i think you're very hot

every time i start out with "wow, you're ugly". oh well.
maybe one day. . it'll be me and barret. not leah. me. but
itz all highly unlikely.

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