I never wanted a desk job...
2002-10-11 19:44:24 (UTC)

Hangover Friday...

Ah, Friday. How I love this day...it's just waiting for
the day to end that's hard. It's not even 1:30 yet, and I
think I'm going to leave early. That would be because I
got WAY too drunk last night. A friend of mine, K, is
moving to Washington tomorrow, so we went out for one last
hoopla. And boy, oh boy did we hoopla. Best part of the
night was the fact that some cute boy hit on me, and I
looked like shit (no makeup, my hair in a ponytail, that
kind of thing). Yeah, baby, I don't look TOO domesticated
yet... :D But I feel like shit today, like I've been
beaten with a blunt object numberous times.

Did I mention that I HATE my job? I don't think I can say
that enough, to tell ya the truth. Right now I work for a
software company in the marketing department. What the
hell does that mean? It means that I call people who
express interest in our product (we sell operating software
to school districts) and try to get them to buy the thing.
Not too bad of a job, I work in the 'good' cubicle, which
means that I'm not being hovered over the entire time I'm
at work. I do play on the 'net an awful lot, but I get my
shit done. The thing that pisses me off is that this is
such a brainless job, and I'm NOT a salesperson (keep in
mind that I AM NOT a damn telemarketer), I want to teach!
I went to college to teach! WHY am I not teaching?
Because I don't want to teach in Montana (low pay), but
can't afford to move yet. Selfish, I know, but I have my
goals and plan on achieving them. Otherwise I'll be stuck
here forever.

But anyway, our call database is down today. Somehow it
got locked and nobody can get back into it. Fine by me. I
spent the morning organizing my desk, and had a nice long
lunch with my honey (Chinese, becuase we're both hungover
as hell), and now I'm back in hell. Don't have anything to
do, and have to stay until at least 3:30 so I don't look
like too evil of a person. It sucks. But I have not a
thing to do. I suppose I could teach myself another
software package (there's 4, I know 2 now), but that just
sounds too dull. Oh well, only 2 hours left, I'll figure
something out. I just want to go home and go to sleep!

Anyway, enough ranting for today. My weekend will be nice
and DULL...I'm looking forward to it.