Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-08-02 13:56:03 (UTC)

Beachage and Workage

I am so TIRED! Why must I always wake up at the crack of
dawn and not be able to fall back asleeeeep? Fuckers.
Yesterday Rachage, Nicolage, and I went to the beach and
went shopping and took a bunch of horrible photo booth
pictures! lol. And we blasted Spice on the way home so that
everyone on the beach would think we were cool. I bought
Diana a purple fish, she will be quite excited.
I got home last night and then Jess called and was like
I'm so bored! So even though I had been gone for 3 days, I
went. So we went to Barnes and Noble and Walmart and to
see Shrek but we walked out , it was suckage! lol.
Last night, I wanted a Chi Latte from Barnes and Noble
when I got home so I made one myself without chi! I boiled
milk and sugar and tea lol. It was good. mmm....

I have to work tonight at 5, ugh, I don't wanna goaa back!

SATC QUOTE: "Maybe men and women aren't from different
planets as pop culture would have us believe. Maybe we live
a lot closer to each other. Perhaps, dare I even say it, in
the same zip code." Carrie

Naah, couldn't be!