The Crazy Life of Troy, the Drama King!
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2002-10-11 17:44:33 (UTC)

I got my haircut today!

I just wanted to apologize to everyone who usually reads my
entries because I know I haven't wrote one in a loooong
time. I have been sooo busy with everything! Usually when I
get online, I have so many people IMing me that it's very
hard for me to actually concentrate on writing a stupid
entry! LOL, I feel bad when I don't respond to someone

I found that it's very hard to be popular. I'm not getting
a big head or anything, but I am making so many new friends
that it's very hard to keep track of everything. Especially
when you do not have a cell phone and people don't want to
call you at home because of annoying parents. I need a new
job quick!! I want a full time job that works me during the
day...that way I get my nights off to do whatever the hell
I wanna do...and I need a better paying job so I can afford
a cell phone and be able to buy more things! I have a very
limited budget for every week because of the debt I put
myself in and it really sux! Winter is slowly approaching
and I need some new clothes fast! I am tired of wearing the
same shit over and over again...I need me some khaki's!

I love making new friends, but some of these people online
are just so freaking annoying! I'm talking to someone right
now and he keeps asking me, "why this? why that? why why
why?!" He's like a freaking two year old child! I tell him
I hate work and he asks why. I tell him I don't like West
Wing and he asks why. GIVE IT A BREAK! Do I have to have an
explanation for everything? Geez! Soon he's going to be
asking me why I'm bisexual!

Speaking of bisexual...I had someone tell me last night
that they wouldn't date me because they like their boys
100% gay! Well I'm soooo sorry that I find both sexes
attractive! Excuse me for being so open minded! Yes, guys
catch my eyes more than girls, but so what...when I'm
dating a guy, I stick to that guy. When I'm dating a girl,
I stick to that girl. I'm not wishing I was with someone
else! We got into this huge discussion because he thinks
that if you check out someone when you're dating someone
else, that it is a form of cheating!! GIVE ME A BREAK!! We
all have hormones and we're gonna check out people when
we're out in public. It doesn't mean we wanna cheat! Geez,
I am NOT even gonna get into it! LOL...my impressions about
him were VERY wrong.

You know what I really hate about coming out and meeting
NEEDS MORE GAY PEOPLE! I am sick and tired of meeting
someone and we basically talk about how we're all
connected. "Oh yeah, I know that one guy that screwed you
over or, my ex knows you!" Blah, blah, blah! It's crazy!!
It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon or something! I wanna
meet someone that DOESN'T know anyone I know! Grrr...I met
this guy online and I was really starting to like him and
then I find out that one of my friends knows him and he's
like, "Stay away! He's a big druggie!" Then I talk to
someone who used to fool around with him! Grrrr...why me?!

I dunno, I'm interested in so many people right now that it
isn't even funny! I have this great guy who is basically
saying he wants to be my boyfriend, but I feel bad because
I still wanna go out and meet new people...I really wanna
meet this guy...let's call him Randy...I'm gonna stop by
his work tomorrow with some friends of mine and say hi. I
used to work with him and I remember constantly checking
him out! He's a cutie! ((I find myself saying that a

I have to work tonight and that sux. I usually always get
Friday's off, but tonight they're working my ass till
Midnight! How much does that blow?! And to top it all off,
I'll probably be on Uscan! I swear, if that girl gives me a
hard time again I am going to go off and walk out of there!
No one gives me attitude at work and gets away with it! I
could care less if her boy toy is above me and she uses
that to her advantage.

I'm so freaking tired! I was up at 4:30 yesterday morning
to swear in for the Air Force! It pissed me off cause my
recruiter said I would be out of there by 10:30! What time
was I out of there?! 11:30!! I had to be there at 6, but I
didn't get sworn in till 11:30!! Grr it made me so mad. I
had to cancel my haircut and everything. I was starving and
I just wanted to go home! I was sick and tired of sitting
on my ass and just waiting...and waiting...and
waiting...I'm glad all that is over with. I am officially
apart of the Armed Forces!! I got myself a T-shirt to prove
it! hehehehehehe

Well, there is still a lot more to talk about, but my eyes
are getting very heavy and maybe I can fit in a nap before
I go to work. I'm so excited cause I have tomorrow off and
I am spending pretty much the whole day with my Kimmie!!


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