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2002-10-11 17:24:29 (UTC)

New Friends edition

Andrea: Drea is Ashley's little sister. Since Ashley has
moved away to Greenville, things are way different with
us. WAY DIFFERENT. Drea is a senior in highschool. Our
minds think alike. More often than not, when one of us
says what we're thinking, the other says "dude, i was just
thinking that!!!" It's great. She's dating my boy Toby,
but I was friends with her way before that. Now, we're
really close though. It's good times. I hated her when I
first met her. She was Ashley's pesky little sister that
was a mere 14 years old. They always fought and shit. But
now she's grown up, and I really don't ever think about her
still being in highschool. She has NO highschool friends.
Our group has sorta adopted her. It's neat.
Kreehaus Kaplentock: Chris McClintock. He's the best. My
only 100% sober friend. He's been on probation for 2
years, so he's kept clean. But you had better believe that
in a party situation, people don't THINK he's sober. He's
crazy man. So much fun to go out in public with. He was
my date to Ashley and Andrea's older brother Aaron's
wedding last saturday. We had a good time.

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