Jena's Rants
2001-08-02 12:49:11 (UTC)

Minimalism: It's the least you can do.

Hey hey hey kiddos! What's up? Can I tell you how
beautiful it is outside? It is lovely and sunny and only a
few noxious gas clouds outside in Balti-bore and I love
life today. That should last until half way through the
work day, then it could get hairy. So Jena was indeed
losing her mind but a shot of good old something or another
in the right place set her straight and now she's flying
high until she hits smack dead into a skyscraper. So
question for all of you..............
Should Jena partake in the happinEss this weekend?
Let me know this is really important.
Plus as usual I have a bribe,
anyone who responds before 5 o'clock EST on Friday
August 3,2001 will get what I got.
No, not me you fucking pervert, but what I plan to
take part in if you check []yes or []no. If you check
yes you get the same, ditto on Jena.
If you check no, you get a coloring book to pass
the time in your boring lil lives.

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