Matt's Sex Journal
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2002-10-11 17:19:36 (UTC)


I'm back at school now. Been back for almost two months. Up
here. my life revolves around 2 things: the frat and
school. School is supposed to be the most important thing,
but I don't do too much of that. For some reason, I'm able
to study for only 2 hours for a midterm and still be able
to do well on a test. That sucks for other people, but it
sure is cool for me.

The frat has been having its ups and downs. Since I changed
a little bit over the summer, the guys aren't the same to
me anymore. I thought they were more open-minded and stuff
about the things I tend to do, which is be weird. Holman
wasn't too happy with me at the beginning of the semester,
but he seems to be cool now. I'm gonna for VP Comm soon, so
we'll how that goes.

Oh, and I have an internship at Mostow/Lieberman
Productions now. And that is very sweet.