Scriblings Of A Crazy Person
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2002-10-11 17:01:22 (UTC)


Spam spam,
The mystery meat,
The more you know,
The less you eat,

I made that myself, aren't I clever? Arg, no entry
yesterday, sorry bout that, it was rather hectic (HECTIC).
After school I went over my friend Tristan's house and we
played Phantasy Star. That is an AWSOME game, I bet it would
be even better online. After that I went home and had
dinner and then my dad dragged me off to a gig of his (he
plays guitar and sings in a band, no really, I'm not making
stuff up, well not this time at least). It was actualy
pretty fun, but it definatly went on a bit too long, near
the end of it I was quite bored. GLACK! It lasted till about
eleven when I came home and went to sleep (SLEEP! YAY!), I
still had school after all. Well, luckily today was a half
day so I got out at about 10:45 to come home. Good thing
it's the weekend, I am going to sleep SO much, it's gonna be
great. Yawn, anyway, I'm pretty sure that's all I have to
type, I have things to do. Things that will affect the fate
of the universe! Well, at least the little part of the
universe that affects me (about this big: . ). Seeyas later.

Insanity It Seems Has Got Me By My Soul To Squeeze,

PS: It's bitter baby and it's very sweat,
I'm on a roller coaster but I'm on my feet,

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