Dark Thoughts
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2001-08-02 10:46:18 (UTC)

early morn walk

it's 6:30am, and i just got back from taking a walk down to
the creek and back. it's extremely foggy out and you can
only see maybe 20 yards in front of you. it's so
beautiful :) when you look up and see the black trees, it's
like there's a white blanket behind them. it looks like
winter out. i wish it was winter, then i could fix some hot
chocolate and snuzzle down in my covers and snooze. heck
i'd do that right now if i had some hot chocolate :P man,
i'm afriad to say that i'm gonna be up all day, i do
believe. unless i'm just s tired that i don't notice it.
here it is 6:30am and i am wide awake. this isn't abnormal
for me, but usually by this time i start to wind down. but
no, not today. i'm still as bouncey as i was at midnight.
anyways, while i was on my little walk, all i could hear
were birds chirping their happy songs, and a dog barking
way off in the distance. i saw two little cats. there are
so many strays around here, it ain't even funny. one was
this little orange cat that came on my porch a few weeks
ago and stayed for the day. he's a fairly young cat, around
7 months, and he has the most gorgeous orange pelt with
dark orange taby stripes. he has a little bob tail too,
it's maybe a half inch stub, it's so cute. he was with
another cat. i think it was my old cat that i let loose a
few years ago. her name was kali, she was just your
ordinary taby cat, dark brownish/grey fur with dark grey
and black stripes. they were laying snuggled together in
the middle of the street then they dashed off under a
nearby car.
there were also some bats that were catching the last few
bugs before they called it quits. i love bats, i always
have. so there ya have it, folks. my early morn walk that
consisted of fog, cats, bats, and birds. what a great way
to start the day :) i'm out
WEARING: jeans, yellow shirt
FEELING: calm and peaceful