2002-10-11 14:42:10 (UTC)

I still have this account for..

I still have this account for afew more days, I can't
deside if i want to get rid of it. so the people i told my
new diary name to they should still check this one to for a
few more days. My life has been going good My friends are
all doing good. My best friend Marissa has a new boy frined
his name is travis. He is really cute. Anyways i can't wait
till my aunt toni & shanna & thomas & shay'ln come to get
me. they will be here in a few more hours. Shay'ln is my
baby she is on;y a few mounths old but she is a doll. She
has brown hair and brown eyes. Oh i love her. Anyways Like
i said i can't wait for them to come. Well i better get off
of here because she is going to try to call and i gotta go
and pack so bye for now.