chronicles of a duckhead
2001-08-02 09:58:21 (UTC)

Do you want fries with that?

Allow me to intoduce myself:

I am 27 years old. (And boy do I feel old.)
I am a man. (But still think and act like a boy.)
I'm an ugly fucker too. (Unfortunately I don't have the
consolation of being beautiful on the inside because I am a
nasty bastard.)
I'm not the brightest of sparks either having flunked at
University. (But this doesn't stop me believing that I am
intellectually superior to just about everyone I meet.)

To sum up I am a complete waste of space. I wish on the
night I was conceived that my mother had given my father a
blow job. Or else my father had had a wank. Because the
thought that I am the result of the best of his swimmers is

The only good thing in my life is my girlfriend. She is
absolutely the one. Beautiful, kind, funny, etc. How the
hell I tricked her I'll never know. Currently though we are
going through a bit of a rocky patch, I quit my job and
have since found it hard to find another. Actually I
haven't found it hard. I just haven't bothered looking.
This is due to laziness and fear. I know that most people
my age have degrees, aspirations etc. Yet I have nothing. I
guess I'm scared by looking for a job it will finally
confirm all my fears that I am a loser and only fit to work
in a fast food joint. Do you want fries with that? My
unemployment grates with my girl. She has plans and
unfortunately I'm not playing along. Its made me think that
perhaps I should let her go. You know the cliche-if you
love someone set them free... She deserves so much better
than me.

Anyway I'll stop now because I sound like a sad bastard.
Probably because I am.