of little importance
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2002-10-11 12:47:23 (UTC)

thinking in songs

we've had our memories
and our share of tears
but all these moments unite us

i'll be your friend for a lifetime
throughout the wind and the rain of every season
won't walk away in the hard times
i will be your friend

take my heart and form it
take my mind transform it
take my will conform it
to yours to yours to yours

when peace like a river
attendeth my soul
when sorrows like sea billows roll
whatever my lot
though hast taught
me to say
it is well
it is well
with my soul

it is well (it is well)
with my soul (it is well)
it is well
it is well
with my soul

you try
to find
a place deep within your soul
but don't
the child living deep inside
open your eyes
and find
this life is better than you know
it's in your hands now
just open up your eyes