~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-08-02 09:32:15 (UTC)

yet another day

hey well right now i am bord as fuck, i went on chat and
nothing fun was happing there. man my chest hurts . i am thinking
alot more about angie, i
mean like evry second, i need to go get some help i will
talk to my mom about it in the moring, hahaha yeah right in
the mornning, more like in the afternoon, when i wake up.
anyways, i dont know what to say besides im bord as hell,
nothing oin tv, all my friends are in bed and, wait blink
182 is on mtv, hold on.man they suck live, star other
friend janet got like 5 tickest to go see them live and
star said she asked me, you cant belive her, well i said no
yeah rightg iw ould never say no i love them they kick ass.
thats all good i can poiss her off easyly, i know she is
just trying to piss me off, but ican get caoncert tickest
to o-town witch is her fav groupe and i hate them soo sooo
soo so much anyways i will go nad not take her oh i will
lvoe seeing her get pissed off so bad. yeah i will write
latter see ya