A Life Invalid
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2001-08-02 09:31:27 (UTC)

A Synic's Analysis (poem)

is hard defining
you draw the line
to close to yourself
now you are in a corner

you've painted yourself in a corner
and you expect everyone to know the border
to this man-made circle you inhabit
someone will be wrong and it might not be the masses

i'm tired to combat your judgements any longer
make less accusations oh great painter
throw less my way you scowndral
nothing will change you...

this floor has been painted
a thousand times before
but you've done it right this time
you know God now

scrape up the last coat
hoping to realize
layers 6 feet deep
all the coats of the past

but ironically you've done it!
no one before.. i hope they follow you
because now your law is it!
you've found the new god

when nothing will phaze you
and you know God all the better
if you have driven past the exit sign
you're not coming back for anyone

rigid hearts beware
you are so far gone
nothing is out there
not even God...

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