The Bumper Book Of Dreams
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2001-08-02 09:21:39 (UTC)

The Invasion

I remmebered that dream I was harping on about last night.
So it was a nice day, really sunny so me and my two
brothers decided to go to the beach in Skegness. We all hop
onto the motorbike and get going. Between Skeggness and my
home is the town I go to school in, Horncastle. So we
stopped there to go to the toilet. It was Saturday so i
wondered why so many people were there. Some guys from my
class were in the carpark waiting to start a footy match,
but the other team were being idiots and starting fights.
To my suprise the notorious dumbass Kit, was the one who
sorted it all out. Something important happened in the
school but I can't remember so lets move on. We planned our
route to Skeg and got back on the bike. Unfortunately we
were stopped by a small war between the Scottish people
from Braveheart and some alien invadors so we never got to
the beach and spent the rest of the day running for our
lives. That was a pretty dull dream when I write about it.
It was quite good at the time though.