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2002-10-11 07:00:09 (UTC)

The 2nd generation

So, my mother's friend says her daughter is doing so well
in school and that all of a sudden she's been, basically,
the perfect daughter. What you don't know is that,
Brenda's parents just got a divorce 10 months ago. Around
the same time she became this "perfect daughter."

Brenda's a smart girl, not naturally brilliant, but smart.
She's got a good head on her shoulders and has a loving,
but very naive family.

So, her mother tells my mother and me that all of a sudden,
she's been found crying at school (for no reason). Brenda
saw her school counselor and then a registered "church
counselor." Her school counselor said she was just
stressed with school work and that she needed to relax.
That's exactly what the registered "church counselor"
said. Do these COUNSELORS not know the background of this

Brenda has always been smart, not naturally brilliant, but
smart. She's always had fun, but knew her own limits to
how much fun she could have. All of that is gone now.
She's work and making her work perfect. I wonder why?

I don't have a degree in psychology or any medical field,
but I know why she's become this machine all of a sudden.
My mom as well as her mother thinks that the only reason
she is found crying, is due to her SCHOOL WORK. "She just
wants to do well..." It appalls me to think that these
mothers are so blind and selfish.

Asian parents or 1st generation parents want their children
to excell academically. They don't care about their lives
at THIS MOMENT. Only their future. Brenda is 13 years
old. She had a nervous breakdown before handing in a
science quiz, worrying about missing a problem. She said
she couldn't speak or move her mouth for 10 minutes.
HELLO? Is anyone listening to this girl? Can we get her a

While my mother thinks the only reason she cries is because
she wants to do well in school, I wonder if she cries
because she wonders if she's not perfect enough for her
parents. Her father left her family for a stripper and
moved to LA. Her mother owns a very busy gas station and
works 24/7.

This girl is going to run down into shambles and no one
realizes this. Not even some 1/2 retarded counselors.

Until next time, have some fun in your life. Drink a beer,
do something daring. But know where your limit is.

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